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We are working together with a company providing a web-based triage system. The triage system and vet directory is displayed on partner sites across the Internet, including the PDSA. The interactive style encourages good compliance with advice to seek veterinary attention.

How does it Work?

Visitor selects a symptom from the drop down list provided, answers a series of simple step by step questions, then receives colour coded priority rating with customised first advice. The visitor then has the option to "find a local vet" in our Vet Directory.

The directory entry displays your practice name, contact details, website link, practice description, images and logos from your practice, plus we can even stream in a practice video!

Vet Reviews are included in the directory entry. Visitors can leave reviews on the site and allows your clients to review your practice from your own website, with the option to display your best reviews. Having a review system on your website makes it easy for your loyal, happy clients to leave a review. This feeds into Google internet search results and becomes a very visible, positive, reflection of your business.

Integration within your practice website to ensure your existing clients present on time and well prepared for the consultation, by integrating our customised Symptom Guide within your practice website. The guide is colour co-ordinated to match your website and has extra messages specific to your practice e.g. 'emergency cover information'. The Customised First Aid advice assists owners until they get to the vet and relevant suggestions increase the turn over per consultation eg. bringing a urine sample, withholding food.

Vetswest Members are entitled to one year free entry into the Vet Directory and discounted prices on all our services.

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